We're storytellers and landscape architects.


At first glance, those things may seem unrelated, but once you understand who we are and how we work, you’ll see they’re one and the same. We tell stories with every landscape we create. The stories we tell aren’t ours, though. They’re the stories of our clients—the homeowners, the property  holders, the ones who’ll live, work, play, and relax in the outdoor experiences we bring to life.


Anne Daigh is our founder and Storyteller-in-Chief. She’s an accomplished landscape architect, artist, and entrepreneur whose passion for her profession naturally grew into the successful business she leads today. She launched our company in fall 2010 after nine years with Page Duke Landscape Architects. The job with PDLA brought her to Nashville after graduating from UGA’s landscape architecture program. Though a Georgia native, she quickly set roots in Nashville, bringing her love of art, architecture, and the environment to exhibitions at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, the Nashville Antiques & Garden Show, and residences and commercial properties throughout the city and beyond. She’s the heartbeat of our company, and her approachable style and design sensibilities are present in each project we take on for our clients. 


In our business, collaboration and communication are key. That makes Wade Rick an invaluable leader on our team. He’s an expert you can talk to—just as at ease chatting with a client as he is conferring with a contractor or designer. His giftedness in planning and guiding the building process may be a reflection of his early interest in architecture (his first course of study at Mississippi State before deciding on landscape architecture), as well as his experience working for a developer right out of college. With more than a decade in the field, he’s honed his knowledge and the range of skills our business requires. Today, this Nashville native uses his experience to help shape the landscapes and outdoor spaces of the city that he and his young family call home. 

Taylor Butler epitomizes the dichotomy of a landscape architect’s life. He’s equal parts creative and practical—as likely to put paintbrush to canvas as he is to pore over project details on the computer. He’s also energetic and patient, a helpful balance he draws on when managing long-term projects common in our business. Taylor has the auspicious honor of being the first employee of Anne Daigh, landing here part-time after returning home to Nashville after graduating from Mississippi State’s landscape architecture program. With that aforementioned patience and energy, he juggled a second job until Anne could bring him on full time, and he’s grown his career here ever since, consistently bringing beautiful projects to fruition for our clients.


Clay Crum is a proven multi-tasker. He launched his career here at Anne Daigh just a few months after graduating from University of Kentucky’s landscape architecture program in 2015. It’s essential to have someone on the team who’s nimble at carrying out a range of professional tasks to support our clients’ projects at any given point. Whether assisting with construction details or diving into the development of planting plans, he’s at clearly home in this business that so beautifully combines his love of the outdoors and his innate artistic bent. A native of Lexington, Kentucky, Clay is now immersing himself in the vibrant Nashville community, carving out time for creative pursuits, all while making the most of his career opportunity with our team.


A love of landscape reflects the human need for exploration, and Annette J Griffin doesn’t leave home without her compass. Whether she’s hiking off-trail, practicing dance, or creating experimental fine art, her curiosity gilds each endeavor with genuine appreciation for the moment. Her undergraduate work in experimental fibers and installation at The University of the Arts led her to larger questions about place, memory, and human connection, which she continued to pursue while attaining her Master of Landscape Architecture degree from The University of Georgia. Ever since, she has intertwined personal studies in historical and soil ecologies to find new methods of preserving and constructing local heritage. 

You can't have a good story without a hero. Ralph has been part of our team since day one. He's especially fond of people, shoes and squirrels. Gentle, brave and always up for a good nap, this kind soul is wise beyond all twelve of his well-lived years.